Single Tassel Earrings


As seen in British Vogue!  Haarstick’s Shoulder Grazing Tassel Earrings were featured in British Vogue’s November 2017 issue as well as on Nikki Blonsky in Out Magazine’s November 2017.

These gorgeous silk tassel earrings are the perfect accent to any outfit and are definitely becoming a must-have piece for any season.  Available in three different lengths from flirty mini to classic to shoulder grazing! Please see Product Description below for length details and available colors.

Also seen in King Kong Magazine, on actress Mamrie Hart, in Formuist Magazine and Tidal Magazine.



Three lengths:  1. Flirty mini (1.75 inches)   2. Classic (3 inches)  3. Shoulder Grazing Long (5 inches)

Colors in mini ( 1 3/4 inch): 1. Black 2. Cream 3. Orange 4. Kelly Green 5. Navy Blue

Colors available in Classic (3 inch) length: 1. Black 2. Cream 3. Kelly Green 4. Canary Yellow 5. Navy Blue 6. Rose Pink

Colors in Shoulder Grazing (5 inch): 1. Black 2. Cream

Ear hooks are gold plated brass.

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